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George Soros Donates $27.4 Million To African Village Project

Billionaire financier George Soros has donated $27.4 million to the Millennium Villages project with another $20 million in loans over the next 5 years to support business projects within those villages. The goals of the Millennium Villages project is to bring countries across Africa up to par with United Nations global development goals as outlined […]

US Holocaust Museum Receives $17 Million Donation

The estate of Eric and Lore Ross recently announced a $17.2 million gift to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Eric Ross, who experience Nazi anti-semitism first hand and was a member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, has officially donated the largest gift to the museum in its history. Not only that, but over his […]

Camryn Manheim To Host Celebrity Charity Poker

While online poker took a huge disrupting hit this year when the federal government enacted laws to make the online gambling sites illegal, poker in casinos across the country are still legal and provide a great platform for charity events. Today, Camryn Manheim is hosting one such celebrity poker event which will benefit the Children’s […]

Robert E. Lee Tintype Huge Success For Goodwill

A Goodwill worker added approximately $23,000 to the value of a Robert E. Lee tintype that was found in a donation box. The tintype was moments away from being shipped to an outlet store where it would have sold based on poundage, somewhere around $1-$2. A keen eyed worker rescued this hidden gem and decided […]

Volunteers Give Back Enormously to National Parks

There is a retired couple named Jim and Carol Miltimore that have decided to spend their retired years cleaning up 378 sq. miles of Mt. Rainier National Park. The couple who often spend 6 days and nights a week inside the park helping to clean it and make it accessible to the public. The couple, […]

After 27 Years, Man Cuts Hair to Donate to Charity

‘Think about the little kid it’s gonna help out. It’s all good,’ he says Dan McGuinness has decided to let go the rebel spirit he chose to let his hair symbolize in the early 80’s. After receiving a job offer that required the radio DJ to cut his hair, McGuinness decided to let his ponytail […]

Florida Man Sets Record For Donating Blood

John Sheppard has been donating his blood religiously since 1957. To date, the altruistic 78 year old man has donated almost 40 gallons of blood in his lifetime, without ever earning a penny for it. Sheppard partially explains his donating fervor by saying donating blood makes him feel good and that when he walks out […]

Bloomberg gives $30 million to NYC men’s program

New York has budgeted over $100 million for programs to help young black and latino men. Recently Mayor Michael Bloomberg and hedge fund manager George Soros have donated $30 million each to take approximately half of the burden of these social programs off of the tax payer. Plans to help these young men include job […]

Red Hot Chili Peppers Play Intimate Club To Benefit Charity

The Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform later this month at a small club in Los Angeles to benefit the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. The conservatory was co-founded by original Chili Peppers bassist Flea. Anthony Kiedis, Singer for the Chili Peppers, also sits on the conservatory’s board of directors. The conservatory itself is meant to […]