UK lottery winners to give millions to friends, family

‘We have drawn up a list of 15 to 20 people that we are going to make millionaires’

LONDON — A couple from eastern England who won Britain’s third-largest lottery jackpot want to make millionaires out of a select group of friends and family members.

Dave Dawes, 47, and his fiancee, Angela Dawes, 43, from Wisbech, close to the city of Cambridge, won 101 million pounds ($156 million) in Friday’s Euromillions lottery draw.

The couple plan to spend some money on their wedding, which was already planned for next year. The couple, who live in a modest one-bedroom apartment, also intend to buy properties in London and abroad.

But they also plan to give a million pounds ($1.56 million) each to up to 20 close friends and family.

“It’s an excessive amount of money, but we intend to look after our family and friends and do the best we can,” said Angela, who has a son from a previous marriage, according to The Telegraph.

“We have drawn up a list of 15 to 20 people that we are going to make millionaires,” added Dave, a factory supervisor who has been married twice before and has two sons.

The couple, who have been together for four years, discovered the win watching the Euromillions draw on television.

“We couldn’t believe it! It was too late to call (lottery operator) Camelot so I kept the ticket on me all night until the morning but we didn’t sleep a wink,” said Dave.

The windfall will help buy a new engagement ring for Angela, a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, a charity that aims to prevent people dying from heart diseases.

The couple had only played the lottery twice before, having bought their first Euromillions ticket several weeks previously.

The winning line was made up of randomly chosen numbers and the ticket was purchased from WHSmith in Wisbech.

The prize pot had grown after a series of rollovers in which there was no winner in the main draw.

Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir won a record European jackpot of almost 162 million pounds ($252 million) in July, while the second-largest winners scooped 113 million pounds ($176 million) last October but opted to remain anonymous.

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